Like a fairy on a c i d~

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Anonymous said: you needa do a tutorial for your lips and eyebrows! like the makeup in your last ig selfie idk what you do but they are on point.

:) this is the best compliment omg thank you for real! I’ve never really made a video or anything but I’ll tell you what all I do! I fill in my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade. I use the color soft brown with a brow brush from the same brand I’m totally obsess with their products.
I overline my lips using Rimel London lip liner in sparkling mauve. Then I fill them in with the color Twig by Mac (supposedly the same lipstick as Kylie Jenner but idk honestly)! When you overline just go a LITTLE TINY BIT outside your real lips or you’ll have clown makeup!
I hope this is helpful :)